Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Suppress the Appetite with Saterial Saffron - Want to Curb and Lose Your Appetite? Saffron Can Help - Seen on Dr Oz

SAFFRON EXTRACT WITH SATIEREAL - is a natural appetite suppressant according to Dr Oz. It helps control over-eating, snacking between meals and emotional eating. If you have a problem with any of the above, saffron extract with satiereal might be the answer for you!

What is saffron with satiereal? (Crocus Sativus L) Where does saffron extract with satiereal come from? Satiereal is an extract taken from a commonly used spice called Saffron. This spice is commonly found in Europe and the middle east. Satiereal is made out of the extract taken from stigmas of the flower Saffron.
The dried stigmas (thread-like parts of the flower) are used to make saffron spice. It can take 75,000 saffron blossoms to produce a single pound of saffron spice. Saffron is largely cultivated and harvested by hand. Due to the amount of labor involved in harvesting, saffron is considered one of the world's most expensive spices. The stigmas are also used to make medicine.

What is saffron used for?
Saffron  has been used  to treat some conditions such as asthma, cough, whooping cough, insomnia, gas, depression, heartburn, Alzheimer's disease, and dry skin. Most recently there has been a buzz in the weight loss community for its appetite suppressant abilities.

What is the dosage for saterial saffron extract? How much saffron extract do I take to suppress appetite?
The recommended dose of saterial saffron extract is 88mg - 90mg 2 times a day

Are there any side effects with saterial saffron extract? What are the side effects with saffron extract?
Normal dosing is considered safe. Taking too much can cause dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, and headaches.

Can I take too much saterial saffron extract? How much saffron is too much?
If taken in extreme does saffron poisoning can occur. Taking more does not make the supplement more effective. Please follow the directions on the bottle.

Bipolar disorder - Saffron seems to be able to affect mood. There is a concern that it might trigger excitability and impulsive behavior (mania) in people with bipolar disorder. Don’t use saffron if you have this condition. (Web, MD)

Is saterial saffron extract with safe to take for weight loss?
Poisoning can occur if taken in extreme doses. Saffron poisoning causes yellowish skin and eyes. Also, vomiting, dizziness, bloody diarrhea and nose bleeds may occur. It's important to follow the recommended dosage on the bottle. Increasing the dose will not increase the effectiveness of the supplement. Saffron is considered safe if you take the recommended dose on the bottle.

Can I take saterial saffron extract when pregnant or breastfeeding? Is saffron extract safe to take when nursing?
Saffron Extract should not be taken if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Large amounts of saffron can make the uterus contract and might cause a miscarriage. Not enough is known about the safety of using saffron during breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

What brand of saterial saffron extract should I buy? Where do I buy saffron extract?
There are many online vitamin and supplement stores. Please buy from a well known company and make sure the saterial saffron does not have a lot of other ingredients added to it. Make sure it has the recommended dose of 88.25mg per Capsule. This supplement should be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise program.

Has saffron extract worked for anyone? Has anyone tried saffron extract? Does saffron extract really work?  
According to a study in Whole foods magazine, 100 percent of women who took saffron extract reported a decrease in hunger. As many as 30 percent of obese women eat compulsively, according to some reports. The saffron extract is thought to help remove the urge to compulsively eat, resulting in less snacking or eating when you are not hungry.

How long does saffron extract take to work to suppress appetite?
Always give any supplement 24 hours or so to get into your system. Some have reported that they notice a difference in appetite the same day.

Can I take saffron extract with forskolin, raspberry ketone, 7 KETO, or green coffee bean extract? Can I take saffron, forskolin, raspberry ketone, 7 KETO and green coffee bean extract all together?
It is recommended that you try one supplement at a time. Try one for two weeks then the next and so on. This way you will know which supplements work best for you and if there are any side effects then you will know which ones are cause them.

Can I take 5HTP with saffron extract?
5-HTP should not be taken with antidepressants, weight-control drugs, other serotonin-modifying agents, or substances known to cause liver damage, because in these cases 5-HTP may have excessive effects.

What is 5HTP? Where does 5HTP come from?
5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is a chemical by-product of the protein building block L-tryptophan. It is also produced commercially from the seeds of an African plant (Griffonia simplicifolia).

5HTP can stop hunger, improve your mood, and help with anxiety as seen on the Dr Oz Show! Read more here about 5HTP.